Friday, November 20, 2009

Robyn Welsh (Jovovich)

This recent retouch from a shoot I did a few months ago with my friend Robyn is definitely one of my favorite new photos. When we did the shoot I commented that it reminded me of Milla Jovovich and now that it's edited I see it even more. Anyone that knows me and my work knows that Milla has always been a huge inspiration and one of my all time favorite models. Her acting work has created some amazing characters as well from Fifth Element, Ultraviolet to Zoolander. So any image that reminds me of her, even a lil bit, I love. Hope you like it as well. I credit Milla as single handedly creating the market and look of a high fashion-alt model and being one of the first supermodels to rock really edgy looks both in film, on the runway and in campaigns.

I also wouldn't mind if someone from Jovovich Hawk (her designer line) saw this blog and hired me to shoot their next collection. Just sayin....

Darlings Diner - "Pie Fashion" with Melissa Mae

With Thanksgiving coming up I had a silly idea for "pie season" to do a high fashion model pie eating contest, well even though the diner loved it and I shot the promotional shots, I just didn't have the time this month to put an event together and do it right. We did however shoot the shots and Darlings Diner was happy to use them for the rest of their Thanksgiving weekend advertising. I know they were published in Star Magazine and online, though i haven't seen the print version yet. The gorgeous Melissa Mae responded to the casting and Darlings supplied the Apple/blueberry pie. This was possibly the messiest shoot I've ever done and easily the tastiest (What didn't hit the floor). My pug hated this shoot due to the fact that he wasn't allowed to be involved.

We wanted to go for a very "High fashion Pie look" and Melissa just rocked it, posing as if she was wearing a $25,000 necklace and designer hat instead of wearing fruit, filling and crust. She gave the pie an elegance and style.

In related news Darlings Diner's Website has recently launched and features tons of my photos through out the site. Check it out and next time you're down at the Piazza stop in and grab some lunch, coffee and their famous cheese cake! Tell them you read about them on this blog.

I Haven't forgetten you blogger...

I have been incredibly busy since Philadelphia Fashion Week and have been kinda neglecting my blogging. I apologize and will do my best to get back on track and post regularly from here on.

Here's a bit of an update:

I have been shooting a lot for Debbie Brooks handbags ( as well as doing several shoots for my favorite hang out spot Darlings Diner ( in the Piazza. I also just completed a huge commercial fashion shoot for Lock and Mane hair products and accessories ( Lauren Palmer (makeup artist, stylist extraordinaire ) and I also recently completed a gift bags product shoot for Lock and Mane as well.

During a recent shoot for Jessica Saint and her girls from Sephora make up, my trusty faithful Canon Rebel XT met it's demise. To be fair, a good camera is probably going to give you 100-150k shots in its lifetime and I probably drove it well past 250k. It was due to die. More importantly I was due for an upgrade.

I wanted to buy one from New York Camera Video but I had a shoot coming up and didn't have time to wait for them to get in one used, however Scott from Nycv STILL (even though he stood to gain no money) helped me negotiate my deal from the camera I found on craigslist, made sure I got a quality camera and even offered to go with me to pick it up. I am jaded when it comes to most things in modern society, but I have to say Scott (and all the staff at really still believe in QUALITY customer service and this is just one of many instances when they went above and beyond to not just keep me as a customer but to make me feel like they truly are more than just a store with photography equipment, they are people who share my passion for the medium to their core. They sell amazing stuff and their knowledge, guidance and customer service is 2nd to none. I recommend them HIGHLY to everyone I know, professional or amateur, who is interested in buying any type of photography, video or related equipment. I found a wedding photographer (Conrad Erb) who was selling a Canon 5D, which is now my new baby. Conrad was also a great guy, took the time to walk me through the changes from the XT to the 5D and really also went beyond just a guy selling a camera to another. Thank you.

To complete the upgrade I felt it was also time to move onto new lighting. I purchased a used set of Novatron strobe lights over the summer for a mere $55, knowing they'd be a good introduction to strobes but probably wouldn't last very long and I felt that it was time to move up a notch. This week I received my brand new Alien Bees 800s. I bought two of them and love them to death. I've been busily doing test shoots for the past few days to learn all the ins and outs of all the new equipment.

At the same time my roommate (Angelrift photography) and I decided now that our neighbors have moved out and cleaned all their crap out of our shared basement, that perhaps we should clean it up and use it as a new shoots space, possibly even rent it out to photographers that need indoor locations. We completed that project earlier in the week and now have the main basement (about 5 different walls or corners to shoot on) as well as THREE mini storage rooms that are perfect lil sets for photo shoots. I am currently looking for Interior Design students who want free work from a pro photographer in trade for creating mini shoot locations in those rooms. If you or anyone you know is interested please email me

I also worked two events for Advertising/Communication Times ; A business card exchange mixer and then an advertising trade show. Both events were a lot of fun and well attended and gave me a chance to mingle and hopefully strengthen my relationships with the modeling agencies I am currently shooting for. Though having them both in the same room at the same time proved to be a bit nerve wracking to say the least.

This weekend I was asked to do a submission shoot for Inked Magazine on Saturday, which I am shooting both Fische and Key for, then Sunday I am shooting production stills and modeling shots to appear in a TV commercial for Debbie Brooks handbags. I was supposed to do a test shoot with the amazingly beautiful Lorianna Swain, but the Debbie Brooks people liked her look and will just use her in the commercial instead. That girl just keeps blowing up it seems.

I will be posting tons of images soon, my goal is to release and blog about one shoot a day for at least the next two weeks, I may keep it to weekdays, we'll see. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week (PHLFSHNWK) Day Three

Art Institute Student Designer

Here it is, one Last set of photos and recap from the amazing Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009!

The show seriously rocked

There was so much going on so I am going to keep this post picture-heavy and kinda skimp on the recap a bit. I will say that this entire event from start to finish was a true honor to be a part of. The people I met, the performances, runway, buzz, overall feeling in the room, networking, and excitement through out the entire event was just perfect. It was a pleasure shooting every single look of every single designer through the event and I look forward to working with as many of them as possible in the near future as well.

If you are a designer that showed your collection at the event (or a Model from Wilhelmina) feel free to grab the photos I've got up on Flickr and post them anywhere you'd like to promote yourself. All I ask is that you do not crop, edit or alter the photos in any way. I have high resolution photos available for anyone who who is interested as well Email me for details

Also feel free to repost these blogs, and hire me for your next look book, campaign, portfolio development or runway show !

Now onto the Philadelphia Fashion Week photos!

Strange Fruit

Marina Makaron Moscow





Sa Va


Parke & Ronen

Melani Von Alexandria


I'd like to personally thank the organizers, designers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, other photographers, Wilhelmina, New York Camera video, and everyone that put this show together, it was such a great and rewarding experience, restored my hope in seeing Philadelphia truly becoming a fashion Mecca and I can not wait till next year.

If i met you at the event (or you just stumbled across this blog) please feel free to keep in touch and add me on the following sites:

Also if you want to see ALL my photos from Philadelphia Fashion week please view my Flickr page for the full collection (200+)

Jeff Cohn

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week (PHLFSHNWK) Day Two


There was a buzz in the air and everyone could feel it. Although for some odd reason today was much hotter and more humid then yesterday (though the weather outside wasn't all that different) everyone in the room also felt a certain energy in the air as well. I arrived early and spent most of the night (when I wasn't shooting) talking to designers from Wrath Arcane, Sally from S Love, Matthew Izzo (who was incredibly cool and down to earth and reminded me of someone I'd normally just hang out with), Psydde Delicious, and of course fellow blogger and Fashionista extraordinaire Nikki Moose (

Day Two of Philadelphia Fashion Week was off to a brilliant start with showcase's by the students of Philadelphia University. Once again I am convinced that this city is about to be a force to be reckoned with if these students are any indication of the talent brewing for Philadelphia's future Haute Couture lines.


Dramatic lines by all from Dark looks to Wedding, every peice of each of these mini-collections had a "Wow Factor" and one model after another walked out to a audience of gasps, oohs and ahhs. I am not sure of all of the designers names but I believe they were Thomas Dejesus, Althea Pappas, Lourdes Cisneros Madrigal, and Gretchen Harris. I am probably missing at least one as I did not realize they're names were on the screen till half way through the show.


Next up was Street Star Custom Clothing, A hip urban street wear company whose line featured T-shirts binged out with the Seven deadly sins banner-ed across the chest. Wrath and Greed were my favorites, but aren't they always?


Nine Days Jeans followed with a funky and interesting line of denim wear rocked on the runway by Wilhelmina of Pa's finest. All the models looked incredible all night and really showed off what PA has to offer. The press were a buzz from the get-go and these guys and girls never failed to amaze everyone in the house with every single time they took the stage.

Gar De followed next with a line of upscale casual clothing that could be worn easily to almost any event and still impress. I loved their jackets, fall colors and just over all the way the looks were styled and put together. Ready to wear, but definitely a higher taste level then what you'd find on most clothing racks.


Nikki Moose told me to watch out for S Love, I had been talking to the designers for the past two days but nothing prepared me for what was to come. Absolutely my stand out choice for the night I am IN LOVE with S LOVE for sure. This collection was just amazing. Highly stylized and a nice blend of influences from the worlds of Haute Couture, Avant-Garde, Gothic, and Street, every look in this line was just to die for.


The girls all rocked them too, walking in a strange, slow, jagged and unique fashion they added the drama that a line like this requires. Each girl stopping at the end of the runway to pose for the camera's and audience in a memorable and unique fashion. S Love was my personal highlight of the event so far and I really hope to work with them in the near future.

Triple 5 Soul closed out the evening with their line of fresh, young and hip clothing, ready to wear and comfortable. They're looks seemed geared towards the college and youthful market but were still sophisticated enough to be worn by the young at heart as well.


All in all it was an yet another amazing night and I can't thank Wilhelmina enough for hooking me up for this event. It's been thrill after thrill in just two days so far... but alas, I want to get to the show early today to show the models photos from last night so I must depart now and go shoot the last and final day!!

Philadelphia Fashion Week photos on my Flickr

Friday, October 9, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week (PHLFSHNWK) Day One

So... Philadelphia finally has a fashion week and I am fortunate enough to be shooting the event for Wilhelmina of Pa, who is the exclusive agency providing models to the event.

I will try and cover all three days in the blog but who knows what the schedule and sanity will allow, plus I have a shoot for Wilhelmina on Sunday so I may just be beat by then.

Onto the show.

The show started off with a great series of collections from students at Moore College of Art and Design, four designers seemed to be represented though I may have miscounted that. Some seriously amazing work. I absolutely loved the wedding gowns and the futuristic steampunky leather work. Very impressive voices that are emerging from this school and if they're any indication of the future of Philadelphia fashion I'd say we're in for some real treats that will continue to emboss on name on the map.


Next up was Palmieri Jeans, who are designing Couture Jeans and plan to launch a very unique brand of one of a kind jeans; custom fit to meet your individual measurements. Very cool stuff geared towards an urban market but accessable to all.

Kill City and Wrath Arcane followed, Kill City has a diverse line from causal wear to street wear, seemingly aimed at the comfort focused young hipster market. While Wrath Arcane has a slightly more sophisticated but still very street oriented line that sometimes seemed preppy, other times urban, other times mixing the two together.


Unfortunately I misread the schedule and didn't realize that Brooklyn Royalty would be walking their line during the band's performance, so I was outside calling my makeup artist for Sunday's shoot and I missed all but their last walk. Sorry guys!

The show closed with our old friends from Delicious Boutique showing off the amazing clothing their store has to offer. It was great to see Delicious's designs on the runway and see them hitting a wider market. Everyone of them looked amazing from the corsets, to the gowns to the Steam punk inspired skirts and accessories. Modern, Vintage and Future all collide with Delicious Boutique's and Corsets.

All in all it was a great night full of some absolutely amazing fashion, great crowd, lots of networking and some stunning models. I can't wait for tonight and Day two. Stay Tuned.

More Images on Flickr
Philadelphia Fashion Week photos on my Flickr


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Interview with me on Propsblog - Jeff Cohn Interview - Fashion Photography

I was recently interviewed by Houston Fashion Model /blogger Leah Waddill. She's an awesome model and a former Philly girl.

I mentioned a lot of you. Gotta LOVE publicity! Please take a look at it here

Leah Waddill: Where are you from? Where is most of your work done?

Jeff Cohn: I was born and raised in Delran NJ, which is a small suburb of Philadelphia. I moved to Philly after college and have lived in or around the city for the past ten years.

Most of my work is shot in my home studio located in North East Philadelphia. My living room is converted into a studio space, which provides the best of both worlds; convenient location and I have my TV and DVD’s handy while MUA’s do makeup.

Leah Waddill: Do you travel often for your photography?

Jeff Cohn: My first real gig was tour photographer for the band KMFDM, We did the whole US in 40 days, 36 cities. Since then my travel has been fairly limited. I was co-coordinator/founder of Catwalk Tragedy (Alternative Beauty Pageant) which took me to Orlando and NYC for shows. Other than that I have been very much a homebody, I love Philadelphia but if someone wants to pay me to go visit other places I will gladly jump on a plane.

Leah Waddill: Wow! So, how long ago was your first publicized work? What was it? (READ MORE)

Lemme know what you think!!

If any of you out there in blog-land (or magazine land) are interested in setting up an interview with a fashion photographer, please let me know, I love doing these things.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sept 19th REFLECTIONS Launch Party - Philly, PA - AIDS CHARITY BENEFIT

There's a great event this Saturday in Philly, you should all go and support it. Come say hi too :)

RSVP on MODEL MAYHEM, MYSPACE, or FACEBOOK and recieve a bonus raffle ticket and off $5 the price of the REFLECTIONS Calendar or REFLECTIONS Calendar & MAC Viva Glam Lipstick package!

Myspace: … '}&g=1

REFLECTIONS is a 12 month Alice in Wonderland themed calendar that has been a collaboration between 12 models and 12 photographers from the NYC, Philly, and DC areas. Created as a benefit project, all sales of the calendar will be donated to local Philly AIDS charities!

Come out on September 19th from 8pm-1am and help us celebrate the launch of this calendar for a great cause!

It will be a great night for anyone and everyone! So come out and join us!

Art Gallery
Art show featuring local Philly artists - photographers, painters, sculptors in a wide array of styles and mediums. We're still booking artists for the gallery, so contact me for more details and submit your samples soon before we book up!

Also the official unveiling of never before seen photography by Jason Hyde, DKE, Candylust, Peach Giant and many more!

A local jazz band starts the night out mellow and at 10pm DJ Mighty Mike Saga turns it up a notch for the fashion show and performances!

Alternative Fashion Show
Featuring great designers including Shadows and Monsters Apparel , Itzy Bitzy's Hats, Sibyl Vain Clothing, Deanna Danger Designs and more! We're still looking for accessory designers! Contact me for more details!

Before the end of the night, miss Deanna Danger will treat you all to a burlesque performance that's sure to please!

We will also have vendors (still renting out tables, contact for details!), raffles, and contest to look forward to! You'll even be able to buy items from some of our amazing runway designers!

Through the night we will be serving free food. None of that crappy chips in a bowl some events put out. We'll have high quality catered food including veggie and fruit trays and hot hors' dourves. Tea, coffee and water will be available as well. $2 beer and wine all night from the bar!

18+ with valid ID only
$10 donation at the door
Dress: Look classy or sassy!

Fortress of the Arts
221 Glenwood Ave
Philadelphia, PA
Huge murals outside! 5 floor factory TOWER! Can't miss it!
Free on street parking

If anyone has interest in helping out in anyway please contact Rebecca via email at and we can get right down to it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rebecca Helen Wales (with Elvis and Setzer)

One of the pleasures of a home-studio is that my pug and kitten are always around, this has actually lead to them both becoming rather good models. Sometimes too good. I warn all my models regardless of their experience level that the dog has SIX years of modeling experience under his belt. He's posed with the models like Nikki Moose, Audrey Kitching, Fische, Mayte, Alyson Allegra, etc and been shot by Jeff Beirman, MojoKiss, Angelrift, Mysefl and a few others....He has 1200+ friends on his myspace page.

The cat has been shot by a few photographers as well and has actually stolen a shot (by Ken Norcross) away from Key and Kellie Taylor...

So when Rebecca said she wanted to pose with the pug I gave her the warnings. She's damn good. I love shooting her, but she learned quickly as she watched Elvis change his pose, expression and often position in every shot that she was out-matched. She does make a really hot prop for them though.

Rebecca Helen Wales (modelmayhem)

Elvis Pugsly ( Myspace)
Setzer(no link yet) Commercial Photography Philadelphia

So I don't just shoot hot chicks, I shoot a lot of random stuff for a wide and diverse clientele. This here I believe is the ahi tuna shot during my recent portfolio venture down at the wonderful Darlings Restaurant. Darlings is located in the Piazza in Northern Liberties and is probably one of my favorite places to hang out, do meetings, and just run into random people like Psydde Delicious, Megan Massacre and Kencredible.

I am currently marketing myself to restaurants in search of quality advertising, menu, and web site images to show off their culinary skills.

I just recently went and got myself two new marketing and sales assistants. Tricia (Fashion designer) will be handling fashion, boutique's, designers, and salons, while Maddie (food marketing major) will be focused on commercial business and restaurants.

I am extremely excited to work with both of them and can not wait to get the new print material in their hands!

LindsyAnne - Commercial Photography by Jeff Cohn Philadelphia

Something a bit different. I was working on LindsyAnne's images last night while trying to catch up on the two zillion shoots I am behind on, and I got the urge to make the last one all crazy photo-shopped. So i played with layers and blend-modes and filters and liquefy and brushes till I was finally actually happy with the end result.

Reminds me of something I'd see in Clear Magazine, which means I Like it.

The rest of her shoot (what's edited so far) was for my commercial portfolio and her compcards/Portfolio for Wilhelmina of PA. Hopefully they'll like the shots and give me lots of work too.

Model Link

More regular shots available on

New Card Designs - What do you think?

So I've been planning new cards for a while and the other day my friend/Model/Graphic Design pal Kellie Taylor came over to help me design the card for Once that was complete the next task was the more difficult; come up with a card for that I'd be happy with. I tend to use my cards for a few months and often times they're my first impression with new clients or potential clients, so I'm very picky and never totally satisfied. I hated my last card.

So here's an unveiling of the new cards (so far). I want your feedback and opinions, I will listen to everyone however I do have specific goals and target markets in mind for each card, as well as reasons I used the colors, images, etc the way I did, but Give me your thoughts and feedback and I'll take it all in before these go to print.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Followers? Who are you?

It appears that I only have three people currently following this blog, yet people seem to comment, follow-up and discuss with me in person my entries all the time... so there's a slight discrepancy between people reading the blog and people clicking "Follow this". I'd love to change that. I invite anyone and everyone who is reading this to follow it, share it, re-post it on your face-twit-space's. etc. I want this blog to really grow and evolve. I want your comments and feedback.

I'm also not opposed to holding a blog-only contest for a free shoot (locally) or free print (Nationally) so tell me what you think bloggers, what would you like to see more of here? How am I doing so far? Have you shared this blog with any of your friends? Let's hear ya :)

I made this neat lil Icon/banner for you to post everywhere as well

Where has all the good print gone?

Here are some of my all time favorite Fashion magazines. It seems as if they're all going to be out of print before I actually get to the point where I can shoot for one of them. Maybe, just maybe my local Barnes and Noble just sucks, I'm more than willing to concede that as a possibility , especially since I have been going to the one at the Neshaminy Mall and one only needs to walk around that mall for 10 minutes to know that they have no sense of style or fashion. Or is this the symptom of the larger issue. Are these magazines doing well? Is the internet totally taking over print as a viable format? Have people learned to rely on blogs, websites and the like for Fashion Photography? Unfortunately in many cases it would appear so.

I recently tried to subscribe to Z!nk Magazine, I looked on their site.... the subscription link doesn't work. I sent in a check, it got returned. I emailed and then called only to find out that they currently don't HAVE a subscription house and aren't taking new subscriptions! What the hell is that? So now if I want Zink at my door each month, I have to go to Barnes n Noble and hope they have it in stock still. They probably only order one or two issues per store... so good luck with that.

Ok, So I'm more than happy to buy an issue of or Muse instead... Oops, I haven't even seen in a store in over a year, when I DID find them I got the last issue. One of the best magazines I've EVER seen, but totally unavailable to the public to purchase. Muse and V have a little bit better circulation, but are still very hit and miss... Another Magazine; I've found once.

I have a subscription to Clear, W, and Vogue...I still barely ever see any issues of Clear. I think their run is now 4 issues a year. It's a shame really.

Whose to blame here? Well YOU ARE. If you love these magazines, If you love seeing the most dramatic eye catching and brilliant fashion photography and models in the world, if you don't want to have to look up a URL and stare at a screen to see it, go to your local book store and DEMAND they start stocking more of these. I know I'm not the only one out there that loves these magazines, they need your help and support. In a time when jobs for models, makeup artists, photographers and stylists are becoming more and more scarce we have to make sure this medium that we love so much doesn't die.

Couldn't find a link for Muse's website.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I love you, man... Seth Green update, Haley band...

I just watched "I love you man" and I have to say it was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I actually laughed to tears in some parts. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

Also wanted to recap from the blog earlier about the Seth Green / Robot Chicken Philadelphia thing. Alicia, Nicole and I went over after Alicia's shoot, about 200 people were there already, ran into Howard (Friend of Seth's from high school that I met at the Meet & Greet last Saturday) and within a few moments we were standing with Seth in the back of the parking lot. He seemed to remember me but it's kinda hard to tell, though he did ask about mutual friends so I guess he did. We discussed doing a shoot together next time he's in town, hopefully that'll happen. Afterwards I ran into Stripes from Haley and Optimus Hymen (Gwar/ Rigor Mortis Revue/ Model) Extra special thank you to Tabitha for telling me about the event!

I had Alicia take a photo of us and then I took some of Seth with the girls. Enjoy

Me and Seth Green (2009)

Alicia and Seth Green

Nicole and Seth Green

Second chances ? (a non photography blog)

I have always been one to believe that first impressions are not always accurate, that people make mistakes and deserve forgiveness. I think even in some extreme circumstances people who make amends, show their sorry and try to change deserve a second chance. If you screwed up at work, said the wrong thing to your significant other, if you had a horrible day and treated someone else poorly as a lash out result.... But if you train and fight Pittbull's then bury the dead carcasses of the innocent in your backyard while you're a multi-million dollar successful superstar.... you DO NOT deserve a second chance! Especially not in my city!

Now of course I am talking about the Eagles recent signing of Michael Vick, granted this is not a photography or fashion oriented post, but it is about Philadelphia, it's about respect, and it's about the impression the Philadelphia Eagles (and their fans) subsequently portray to the world. This city is highly centered around it's sports teams and they've always been a source of extreme pride, even when they're losing we stand by them, we support them, we reminiscence about the good times and we look forward to the next parade.

Last year I witnessed one of these parades. The Phillies won the pennant and the whole city came together in a flash instant. I watched Frankford Ave and Cottman Ave explode into a feeling of pure unfiltered bliss. I watched a 19 year old preppy drunk white mall girl run up to a guy who looked a lot like Notorious B.I.G. and high five him in the street as his "gangsta stare" gave way to a little smile. I watched the old, young, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Muslim all pour into the streets to celebrate a common source of pride, the Philadelphia Phillie's.

We thought ahead after that night... Could the Flyers, Sixers or Eagles be next? We dreamed big and watched as eventually the other side of the state reminded us that they have talent in Pittsburgh too, some of us even celebrated the Stealers and Penguins winning, just because it was still Pennsylvania... That's pride.

Then yesterday our beloved Eagles betrayed us. I never thought they could really do anything to make me hate them. I never thought our fan-dome would waiver, I mean when they sucked on the field we complained, but we loved them. But Family comes first in this city. My dog is part of my family, and I know most of Philadelphia feels the same way. I am not sure of the numbers but just walking around with your eyes open shows you how many people here have and love their dog. Pittbull's are extremely plentiful as well. This is a city that has Doggy day care's, doggy spa's, upscale doggy treat boutique's, Eagles Jersey's for dogs....

How dare you sign that man Eagles. Signing him wasn't just controversial, it wasn't about giving someone a second chance, it was backstabbing all your fans, the people that loved and supported you and condoning his behavior. Some people deserve a second chance, some deserve life in prison. Michael Vick is the latter. Even if he deserves a chance to try and live amongst society (which I don't feel he does), he SURELY does not deserve to do it in the upper tax bracket's as a celebrity athlete.

Or maybe I am wrong... Maybe this IS the punishment... I mean the Philadelphia fans are known to be the toughest, craziest, most psychotic in the world... The people that through batteries at Santa Clause, the fans that beat up the Buffalo Sabre's.... maybe just maybe the whole point of bringing him here was to have our fans rip him to shreds... I guess that's worth the price of that contract. I'm curious to see how this unfolds... To see how many Pittbulls show up in the Link' parking lot... I personally don't know what the Eagles are thinking but Michael Vick in Philadelphia is unacceptable and embarrassing. My pride in the city is not tarnished, but my love for the Eagles is absolutely damaged forever. I do NOT care if you win the Superbowl. I wont be at that parade.

Let's go Flyers.

Jeff Cohn

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This week in

It's Tuesday night so i figured I'd write a blog just giving people some insight to a normal week in my work life. Last Saturday I went to the Studio Five Mid-summer Meet n Great in Philadelphia and had the pleasure of seeing some old friends as well as meeting some new ones. I brought my model Robyn Welsh with me as well as my roommate (Angelrift Photography). I had the pleasure of meeting James Mosley and hopefully may be working with him soon to really learn the ins and outs of both commercial and stock photography. He's done some amazing work and is published world wide, has a huge studio space and seems to really love my work.

I also caught up with Fische, Ashley Arsenic, Rachie Tartz and met some newer models that I will hopefully be booking soon.

Wolf Wilson showed me his new sculptured photos project and I have to say I am very impressed, he said he'd be making one for me to keep in the studio of my work and I am very much looking forward to seeing it.

Sunday Maria and Lisa came over for a 3 look shoot (Lisa doing Maria's makeup) and I finally got Maria to ditch the extreme lashes and trust Lisa's talent fully, WOW... She looked absolutely breathtaking and both girls did an amazing job, I can't wait to show you those photos. That girl has a ton of potential and with the right direction I could see her really making herself a name in the Alt modeling scene.

Monday was pretty much editing and pool days, relaxing a lil bit and catching up on rest from last week's hectic schedule because of the shoot special (shot almost every day for 14 days) . I edited a bunch of Mollie's photos for her audition tomorrow for America's Next Top Model and planned out my attack on the rest of the edits. Sorted through photo-sets for Maggie, Caroline, Lyndsey, Mary, and started to work on Kat's.

Tomorrow is my shoot with Alicia, which I am very excited about. She's a newer model but we seem to have a ton in common and she's friends with Nikki Sixx so that's just the awesome. I can't wait to work together and I suspect already it will be the first of many shoots. After the shoot we're going to go over to the Rollerskating rink for the Robot Chicken Star Wars release party where hopefully I can find a way to re-connect with Seth green, whom I grew up with but haven't seen in over 15 years since I went to college and he moved to LA. Maybe if all goes well I'll even set up a shoot with Seth tomorrow if he's got any downtime while he's in town.

Friday I am doing a 2nd shoot with KassieDW, who I used for an idea I wanted to submit to M.A.C. as an ad campaign but never used. She and her friend Morgan (Whom I've also shot) apparently live right around the corner in the neighborhood so it'll be cool to work with her again knowing she lives so close by.

As for right now I am watching the end of "Swords" on Discovery and getting ready for the new episode of "The Colony" which has quickly become one of my favorite new shows.

Saturday I will hopefully be shooting a few of the girls from the M&G, but nothing is confirmed yet, stay tuned!

Commercial Photography - Cosmetics - Ready for Phiadelphia Advertising agencies

As a commercial photographer I do not just shoot people and fashion all the time, I also shoot product for advertising images. This collection was shot recently for my portfolio on as a sample set of what I can do for your cosmetics company beyond shooting the beautiful women in incredible makeup.

I plan on bringing this work to Philadelphia Advertising agencies and my goal is to shoot everything from food and toys to cosmetics and lifestyle. Any image you can use in advertising photography I can shoot for your company!

Commercial Photography - Cosmetics

Commercial Photography - Cosmetics

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kate Boyer - Actress / Model - Headshot - Commercial Photography Philadelphia

Philadelphia Model and Actress Kate Boyer. Keep an eye out for this talented up and coming actress, having seen her range of emotion and expressions during our modeling session I am excited and confident she will be just as dynamic and sincere on the big screen as she was in my studio today.

Shot for my commercial photography portfolio

Nicole Manning - Commercial Fashion Photography - Philadelphia

Nicole Manning
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Commercial fashion portfolio shoot with Fashion Designer/Model Nicole Manning. Nicole's Bizarre Boudoir line makes her one of my favorite designers in the country and I am fortunate enough to live in the same city of this incredibly talented rising star in the fashion world.

Check her out

Stooopid Bee!

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This is the bee that tried to kill me today while I was shooting Kate Boyer. Instead I took a photo of it and stole its Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic Win!

(I'll show ya those photos of Kate soon, they rock!)